Alpha Bull provides consulting and implementation services to neutralize financial risks and implements strategies for today’s complex economical environment. Our customers are leading corporations whose business activity span globally, and as such require immunity from currency fluctuation. Our track record clearly demonstrates a significant advantage for companies aided by our services. In 2008, our customers successfully survived the global financial ‘tsunami’ with the help of our strategies, tactics and implementation. Our services include:

Currency Risk Management

Strategic planning.
Monitoring macro – economic developments in the various countries.
Technical analysis built on models of forecasting market direction and trends.
Strategy formation with financial engineering using first and second level derivatives
Managing corporate exposure to currency and interest rate fluctuation while exploiting market opportunities.
Execution via our internal trade room, covering over 80% of global trading hours in order to allow quick reaction
Immediate advice in the different markets in all the above issues.

Interest Rates Consulting

Investment modeling according to customer’s criteria and using Monte Carlo simulations to examine scenarios.
Monitoring and auditing the activities of external investment portfolio managers.
Analysis of macro–economic, fiscal and monetary policies of client activities in respect to relevant markets.
Yield curve analysis and strategies to maximize clients’ return rate.
Official and internal report generation using internal control systems.
Vulnerability detection and risk mitigation.

Wealth Vision

We have developed a unique approach to wealth management and understand that wealth means different things to different people. Using our collective expertise, we can help you focus on what’s important to you and help you create an investment Portfolio tailored to your circumstances, objectives and financial personality.

Our investment philosophy combines insights from the science of behavioral finance and psychology with modern portfolio management techniques. Accordingly we aim to provide optimized performance. By considering the human aspects of investment decision making, we can gain a more accurate understanding of the investor.