Yacov Harpaz — Founder & CEO
Alpha Bull is spearheaded by a veteran with over four decades of experience in the financial sector. Harpaz is esteemed throughout Israel as the person who introduced structured financial products to the Israeli market. He brings a diverse set of skills to the firm through his international endeavors in the finance sector. His career highlights include working at the Bank of Israel, heading global asset management for Bank Hapoalim, manage the trading room at United Mizrahi Bank of Israel, and found and manage Global Excellence Markets. In 1995, Harpaz founded Alpha Bull LTD, his most passionate business venture to date.

Bella Crown —  VP and Manager of the Private Banking Division
To supplement Harpaz’s experience, Crown brings over two decades in various management positions throughout the Israeli and American banking systems. Her past achievements include serving on the Board of Directors at the Maritime Bank of Israel. During her time there, Crown managed the FX Trade Room. Additionally, she managed Steinhardt’s Hedge Fund throughout the early 1990’s.  Between 2003 – 2008, Bella served as the Deputy CEO of Excellence Global Markets.

David Kantozi  Chief Dealer
Kantozi brings over 25 years of experience in financial markets. His vast experience spans a wide breadth of various financial industries,  both foreign and domestic, which includes: the Fixed Income Banking Sector, Trading, Technical Analysis, Sales, Business Development and Customer Relationship (First Int’l Bank of Israel, BNP Paribas). Kantozi is also highly proficient in front office management and has led FX Development and Electronic Platform Teams. Due to his immense experience in Israeli financial markets, Kantozi is well connected to both vendors and clients throughout Israel.

Uri Elhav  Chief Technology Officer
Prior to Alpha Bull, Elhav accrued 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry through a wide spectrum of ventures, all of which helped to refine his skills in the technology industry. His skills combine an extensive understanding of both the financial and IT industries. Elhav has worked on delivering software solutions to Fortune 2000 companies in the USA and Canada. Elhav has also sold and managed software implementations for global Blue Chip clients, such as Oracle and IBM.

Amit Keinan — Financial & Statistical Analyst
Graduate of Hebrew University with a B.A. in Economics and Statistics and an M.A. in Statistics.  In conjunction with his education, Keinan has 6 years of prior experience in the financial market, with an emphasis on FX hedging. He spearheads Alpha Bull’s statistical model development, conducts thorough financial and statistical analysis for client hedging strategies, and also serves as a trader for FX currencies.